Permanent Protection
Safe and Secure

All insurance policies sold through D’Costa Financial Group are guaranteed by the insurance companies we sell for.  Permanent life insurance (also known as Whole Life Insurance) remains in force for the whole of the policyholder's lifetime. The premium amount can be paid up over 20 years, until age 65, or to age 100.

No Medicals Required for some of the plans mentioned.  This includes the CoverMe Guaranteed Issue Plan.
These policies do not require you to take a medical exam. To complete the application process, you just need to answer some simple yes or no medical questions.

Depending on the answers to the medical questions a suitable plan can be obtained at a price much lower than the plans advertised on TV. Benefit amounts can be up to $75,000. Features include terminal illness and transportation benefits.

Simplified Issued Insurance 
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Simplified Issued Insurance