Travel insurance is designed to make travel a worry-free experience. Emergencies can happen even to the most well prepared traveler. We offer a wide range of insurance coverage so you can travel without a care, knowing that you are protected. 

For travel outside your home province or Canada choose:
- an Emergency Medical Plan that provides coverage for an unexpected medical emergency during your trip; or 
- the Travel Canada Plan that provides emergency medical benefits when all your travel is within Canada; or
​- an All-Inclusive Plan if your plans include pre-paid travel arrangements. Includes Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay, and Flight and Travel Accident. Or you can purchase the Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance

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Yes, be sure to consider travel insurance before you leave. Why? If you have a medical emergency outside your home province, your provincial health care plan only covers certain costs, leaving you to pay the difference.

What your provincial health plan doesn’t cover

Ambulance—ground, mountain and sea rescue
Air evacuation
Medical equipment rental
Family member to bedside
Prescription drugs and certain medical supplies/equipment
Dental services
Accommodation costs and meals for travel companions
Escort of insured children home when you are hospitalized
Return of vehicle

What your provincial health plan partially covers

Emergency room fees
Hospital fees
X-rays and lab work
Doctor visits

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“Do I need travel insurance for travel within Canada”?